Top 6 Reasons you don’t have the best landscape contractor for your property.

  1. Does your current service get all of the details on their maintenance visit?
  2. Do they trim the material that needs to be shaped?
  3. Do they leave the plants that are flowering?
  4. Do you receive monthly property updates to your office?
  5. Do you receive proposals to upgrade failing areas regularly?
  6. Is there an open line of communication between your office and your landscapers?
If you are frustrated with your current commercial maintenance team, and are looking for a more dedicated team of professionals to handle your property(s), contact us today. Keep in mind, you property never remains the same. If it’s not improving, it’s going the other way. Tri County Landscape excels at communicating with customers, identifying economical ways to upgrade the appearance of your property, and unique way to implement the projects.