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A worker Trimming the TreesInvest in your community; invest in your communities tree care. Proper maintenance dramatically increases your chance of saving your trees from the high winds of tropical storms and hurricanes. Proper tree care insures the future growth of the trees canopy and the stability of the trunk and root system.  Yearly tree maintenance should be designed around your particular property’s needs. As each properties requires different needs for their trees. Be leery of tree companies that claim your trees need a light trim. It’s practically impossible that every tree needs the same requirements. This statement is like assuming people need the same medicine.  Companies that offer this kind of statement often are more interested in their bottom line, not the community. Tri County would like to build a relationship your community to nurture, fertilize, and maintain your community’s trees for years to come. Let our educated team watch over your properties trees. Our certified tree trimmers service both commercial and residential properties. Tree CareWe offer: