Outdoor Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting on your home or landscape is a great way to soften up the environment. Create the ambiance you have always dreamed of. Let our trained professionals provide you with a professional quote for your project. Outdoor lighting is a far cry for the lighting 10 years ago. Today’s new age systems comes in low voltage and LED lights.

Why should you make the investment in an LED light?

Simple, first, it provides a pure true light to give the home or landscape life from its natural color. Second, by only running off a 12 volt system and using less than ¼ the energy of a traditional outdoor landscape light and a fraction of energy a high voltage system, your monthly power bill will only increase by mere dollars. This enables you to use it more liberally. Lastly, the warranties of today are amazing. How about 10 years on fixtures and lifetime warranties on the transformers. Call us today at 1-800-419-7840 to schedule you free consultation.