Fort Myers Landscaper and Landscaping Services

Fort Meyers is the historical and economic center of Lee County, Florida. Established in 1886 as a forward base of operations for the U.S. military, it now acts as a gateway to the Southwest Florida region for tourists traveling from the North. As a result, the area has seen significant development in residential and commercial properties. The metropolitan area now has more than half a million residents, and the number keeps growing year after year. The continued growth and development has spurred the need for landscaping services throughout the area.

Homes and commercial properties rely on well-kept and functional landscaping in order to attract business and maintain quality of life standards.Florida's natural environment provides lots of opportunities for creating beautiful landscaping projectsthat will stun the neighbors. Whether you are looking to transform your home, water-view condo or commercial building, a Fort Meyers landscaper can design and implement a project that will raise property values and provide aesthetic qualities that will increase the enjoyment of the property. Many home owners and businesses are amazed at the transformation that takes places once a quality Fort Myers landscaping company works on their property.A Fort Meyers landscaper provides a series of services that help improve the quality of a property. Their primary service involves the design and implementation of a landscaping plan that is visually appealing and functional. They should be able to create outdoor spaces that look great during bright summer days and chilly overcast winters. Once the landscaping has been put in place, a Fort Myers landscaping company has the duty to maintain the quality of the design regularly. They accomplish this through regular trimming of plant life and any cleaning that is needed to maintain visual appeal.Like many other areas of the U.S., Fort Myers landscaping benefits from green features that help properties save money on energy and utilities costs. Since the Fort Myers area rests in a subtropical climate, temperatures are relatively high throughout most of the year. Landscaping features that provide shade can help alleviate air-conditioning costs. They can also provide a property with a lush facade that can be highly appealing to potential buyers and customers. Fort Meyer's home owners have also been installing rock gardens to help bring down water costs and efficient lighting systems to lower the costs of electricity.